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Tributes that make your clients happy.
That won't cost you time or money.
That doesn't require a learning curve.
And there isn't any scanning involved.

All you have to do is include the tribute as part of your funeral package and collect the profit. We do the rest. We do it beautifully and invisibly. Your clients wont even know our name, but you'll never forget it.

Our Story

Compassion + Business was created by 3 women, Lisa O’Keefe, Nicole Crowley and Francine Trendler.

But this more than a story about 3 women. This is a story about family. In 2013, Lisa lost her husband and Nicole her father. Through their experiences they saw a need to tell the story of a person's life better. And that need grew into a voice that could not be silenced.

So armed with common sense, a combination of business best practices, award winning design and video backgrounds, and years of real world experience building companies, brands and identities, these women, Compassion+Business, set out to change hearts, minds and habits through the telling of beautiful stories.

To the companies that we chose to work with we offer this promise. Compassion + Business will NOT use you to brand our business. You won’t find our name on any of the services we provide. It’s not modesty. It’s about creating a nurturing relationship, between your company and ours – between you and your clients. Compassion + Business exists because there is a need for a better way to help people heal.


There Are Many Ways to Say Goodbye. When someone visits a page for a friend or loved one they might see the obituary listing and times of the service. This is great information but it is far from what the baby boomers expect. They want a true celebrations of life. They want video and interactive websites for the deceased because it allows them to share these memories with their friends and family.

Video website tributes are the kind of product that people talk about. It is the best kind of business. It’s memorable. You already know how to make the lives of the grieving family easier after the passing of a loved one or beloved pet but did you know that adding the I Remember Tributes from Compassion and Business will free up your time, make you money and put you ahead of the competition. Compassion and Business, we are here to make things easier for you by simplifying the process of creating the perfect memorial.

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